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Lover's Triangle the Biography con't

Emma Watson ‏@EmWatson Me: 'excuse me, I am going to the beach and I need to buy some flip flops' . Sales rep: 'O you mean thong slippers'. - Whaaatt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @EmWatson :-/ uh. i don't think you wear em on your pretty little cunt emma.

Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus Making brownies in my #1Z with @vij_photo 👏❤🍰🍪

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @MileyCyrus @vij_photo sounds delicious. uh, we are talking brownies the cake, aren't we.

Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus They are in the shape of Hello Kitty

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @MileyCyrus uuumm, brownies in the shape of pussy, that sounds very delicious, and fuckable too.

Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus I seem to be a #WCW favorite.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @MileyCyrus huuumm. leg over leg, cunt to cunt wrestling #flirt you making my fat cock full of sperm throb #naughty pic.twitter.com/5gY7zKfnAJ

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle robyn, i need you to comfort me #rumors

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Damnn bitch my feet hurttt 🎤😂😝 http://instagram.com/p/XZKx2lqydE/

:-/ s & m shoes

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 :-/ i ask for comfort and this what i get. that's just stupid.

PISCES ARE US ♓ ‏@PiscesAreUs #Pisces tend to pick up on the 90% of the subtle *underneath* stuff a lot of others miss... Retweeted by Rihanna

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @PiscesAreUs robyn, i am so fucking in love with you. i miss you too, baby.

PISCES ARE US ♓ ‏@PiscesAreUs Its the heart of a #Pisces that makes us soft mannered BUT is that same heart of a #Pisces that will make us get in your ass if needed Retweeted by Rihanna

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @PiscesAreUs |O|! you enjoy me getting into your ass, so don't try it #goofy

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @PiscesAreUs robyn, you are so fucking goofy. i thought about you acting jealous of miley all day. line your little butts up and spank em

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 😂😂😂😂 you trieddd it boo http://instagram.com/p/XdWRGUqyYI/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! yes melissa, i like the taste of it. but i don't do it for just anybody #bitch did i tell you you have very beautiful lips.

mforde11 #mylittlestrawberrybubblegum

From the very first time you twerk'd me, I fell in love with your beautiful little dimpled black ass, and those beautiful bubblegum lips. You know I'm hoping your mouth taste like pussy, uuumm #itissofucked. And don't come around me all pregnant and beautiful, cause I'm not gonna be held responsible for our bruised up little baby child, who shouldn't got in the way of my evil drooling cock full of sperm in your cunt #dodgeballs learn to play it kids, might loose an eye if you don't.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #sooobeautifulnrelaxing #Godisgooddd http://instagram.com/p/XikZVaKyX2/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 just looking at your bubblegum lips and thinking the very same thing.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #view http://instagram.com/p/Xikc7gqyX9/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! and what's that little #bugga

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 :-O ... . uh. so that's what my cock full of sperm is gonna look like when you're done with it. let's do this #bitch

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Fun times lastnight #cccertified http://instagram.com/p/XjKM5xBMyK/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna #cc charlie's cunt #fuck

Rihanna ‏@rihanna #certified http://instagram.com/p/XmGJczhM94/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna robyn, you've got me so messed up in love with you, baby.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna robyn, i never want to miss a moment of you, loving you, you're so beautiful.

TED ‏@Laughbook Telling a girl to calm down is like trying to baptize a cat. Retweeted by Melissa Forde

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @Laughbook let me set your little black ass straight melissa, when i say calm, calm the fuck down.

Notebook of Love ‏@Notebook Yes, I'm single. And you're gonna have to be amazing to change that. Retweeted by Melissa Forde

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 what the fuck is wrong with you. and don't tell me its cause you're pregnant. you are not going to worry the shit out of me.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 act like you've got some got damned sense.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @Laughbook :-/ i'll baptize your little pussy.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 melissa, i can't believe you got me to propose to marry you by pissing me off with that..

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Say my name boy let me know I'm in control #dontwannagiveuthewrongimpression #❤&affection #DWTVancouver

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! i love you too, mellissa. why are you so fucking goofy and adorable #ismileatworklikeazombieretard :-/ not #smell

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #thecalmbeforethestorm @leleboo246 #vancouverDWT 😁😝 http://instagram.com/p/XmhCfzKycv/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @leleboo246 dressing like a little whore, got me wanting to fuck you all the time #bitch

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @leleboo246 #fuck you like a little whore #fuck

Belly full behind drunk.

if we're not fucking, then melissa, you're waking up looking like a glazed doughnut.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @EmWatson pretty much how it is. i got j5 vocals, so blue ivy should be able to do better than michael by the time she's 2.

yeh, beyonce. blue ivy's got skill in her dna.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 that is so stupid, i miss you too baby. how in the fuck are you doing this to me.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna I don't think about you at all #cccertified http://instagram.com/p/Xt6kCeBM-q/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna |O|! you are so goofy. i'll give your little butt something to think about #twerkit pic.twitter.com/c4Vp3IKTFP

i think she like me, but i could uh been a little drunk punched. babeizy, couldn't you have at least waited til i was conscious. i'm ahving a serious wtf moment with those bubblegum lips


Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna uuumm, i love my girls. you are so fucking beautiful mama. and i see the reflection of melissa's little cunt in that dark color mirror.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Hehehe...That pretty much sums it up! #navylife http://instagram.com/p/X24Ol8BM90/

RihannaVerified account ‏@rihanna #shoegasm #shoegame #awesome #sneakernight #CCcertified #imuhphuckinembarassyou http://instagram.com/p/YZkoyFBM81/

Rihanna ‏@rihanna It's the weekend and I'm creeping with my niggaz http://instagram.com/p/YZjwu9hM8e/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna :-/ where you creeping too. pic.twitter.com/GBds0j6UoX

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna |O|! turn down the sound on them loud shoes, the neighbors will hear.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #tundwnfaawhaaa 😝 http://instagram.com/p/YcJsfOqybW/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 :-/ okay, if i'm gonna be looking at your beautiful little cunt, i'm gonna fuck, til its full and burping sperm down your legs.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! you busted me, and you are so fucking beautiful. i'm here, sipping on a little sake, talking to you.

mforde11 #Dreamsweet

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Who u lovin? Who u wanna be huggin? http://instagram.com/p/Yj5kiLBM1s/

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Found my main @mforde11 !!!! #phuckyosidepiece http://instagram.com/p/YpCSKfhM-P/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna @mforde11 |O|! so you found melissa at the side entrance of my apartment. wonder what she was doing there.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna tell puni, i'm gonna #dreamsweet

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 wow. this is definitely a wow moment.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna @mforde11 |O|! i got a nice squishy cock full of piss for your little mouth melissa.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @MileyCyrus miley, are you having fun fingering your little cunt, and getting my fat drooling cock full of sperm, stiff and angry at you.

wow. i love that little pussy.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! what? i see that sparkle in your beautiful eyes #goofy

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna @NoellaAlstrom robyn, i said, i see that sparkle in melissa's beautiful eyes #goofy :-/ not vampire eyes.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle |O|! melissa and robyn, you should seen the disgusting rich white folk at F.I.T. scrambling to acclimate me into obedience #pimpgames

we deal with our problems like family, cause that's what we are.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 TB #nottodaybro #tomorrowneiivaa 😒 http://instagram.com/p/Y1Hfs3qyWe/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 you know, you don't make a bit of sense. you are so fucking #goofy #boondocks

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #goofy i enjoy loving you in my every thought of you. i've never had anything so beautiful in my life til #you

yeh. i admit, i was staring, but how do you know that.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 wow. hi beautiful. uuumm, you know i like that a lot #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #sickadanyaaverage 😁 #bitchyflow 😝💋 http://instagram.com/p/Y1hoGEKyXT/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 uuumm, that beautiful little mouth. a kiss just isn't a kiss, until you're down on your knees with my cock in your sucking mouth.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Bostonuguyswerelivee #Busflow #tireddascuntt http://instagram.com/p/Y_7iBYqyVf/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 well, you maybe tired but you look very nice.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Settling is not an option! Nothing less than 100% loyalty, honesty, and respect!! Love ain't for kidz #butimsleeptho

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna who in the fuck said that i was playing. i'll have both your little cunt taking turn sobbing on my cock, and licking it #icecream

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #NYCDWT #phuckinAmazzzeballss badgalriri #uareDaOne #Greenhouseshelllldwnnntonighttt http://instagram.com/p/ZCY0E5qyXR/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 do yo know if we had a son, he'd look just like michael jackson #andhavetheskills #howfuckedupisthat

#dinnerdate 💋#NYC http://instagram.com/p/ZEeSjvKyYm/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 okay, what i said about michael jackson. ain't no way michael could look that fineee. if he did there would be problems. wow.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Got a thang for a King, but chu ain't a King!!! http://instagram.com/p/ZKlJDDBM8Y/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna |O|! j5 #there and mj #you hi beautiful mama. all of a sudden people like me because i sing like the king of pop, and i hate it.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Umakemehappyy #bfffff badgalriri 😁☺😍 http://instagram.com/p/ZO3CzEqyeD/

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Jocking my $hit!!! #rihverisland http://instagram.com/p/ZOdNDpBM19/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna wow. you and melissa got this everything stirring my mind like love #potions making my body throb as if its got a heart of its own.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 why do i see a hint of peppermint #suck you til you loose your mind in my mouth #popit #now

Rihanna ‏@rihanna I'm such a phuckin lady!!!! #pouritupvideoshoot #behindthescenesbehaviour http://instagram.com/p/Zjf5XyhM2f/

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Iamcomplete ☺☺😍👋👋 http://instagram.com/p/ZmjN7qqyYe/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 your little cunt will look like a drooling kruspy kreme.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Thuggin http://instagram.com/p/ZvmoDmBM07/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna :-/ #thuggin probably using your diplomacy to sneak into my apartment.

my beautiful pregnant little stripper.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #watchitallfallout #barbieletemknoww #pouritupvideoshoot #leggooo 💰💰😝💃 http://instagram.com/p/ZjfPkLKycZ/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 you've got my fat cock throbbing, and my mind wondering the curves of your beautiful body. and your mouth is so fucking succulent.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i get lost traveling the curves of your body, and i melt into your luscious kiss. you are such a beautiful experience in life.

uuumm melissa, #twostripperhearts the beautiful things you do that keep me loving you #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #summertimefinehttp://instagram.com/p/aBBkB8KyQ9/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 huuumm, there's a string on your top, let me pull it off for you #fuck

‏uuumm, delicious like cake. this is the first time cake has made my cock throb

Rihanna ‏@rihanna #snacktime http://instagram.com/p/aBsK5lhM0P/


Rihanna ‏@rihanna “@Wale: Rihmix baby RT @Cappadonna: Sounds so ill... Love it "@Wale: #badRemix in the afternoon #TheGifted"” #BadGalAhBadGal

Rihanna ‏@rihanna “@_Chris_Rated_: Its so STUPID of @YouTube to go block Stay!! #unblockstayvideo” fuck wrong wit y'all tube? I thought we were friends

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna @_Chris_Rated_ @YouTube robyn, you don't have to beat me up over melissa, i get, ok. and you're a tube, and i'm not chris rated.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #badRemix melissa, i apologize baby. i shouldn't have gone into a rant abut somebody who doesn't even matter.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 melissa, you are so way beyond what she's about, and the stupid problems i've had in my life. i appreciate you being there for me.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #stay i'm yours melisssa and robyn's too.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 melissa, i really do value the kindness and love you've given me, and i hope there's more to come. i need and want you, baby.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i admit i ranted about something that isn't and that could never be as important to me as you are. it just wasn't important.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Laundryday #DWTLyon http://instagram.com/p/aGRy3fKyTR/

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 💋 http://instagram.com/p/aGSaiHKyUB/

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Summer's here n I feelin irieee #tb #skyhigh 😜 http://instagram.com/p/aGTUMXKyUu/

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #MelissaMondays http://instagram.com/p/aGeBkHqyfQ/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 so i did a god job of cleaning that up. |O|! i didn't mean it to come out way. you are so #goofy

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 oh. some to love. come and get it #twerk

Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus #TWERK soup fo dinner #wecantstop #itsourpartywecandowhatwewant pic.twitter.com/maQFbCQ1oX

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 so you two wanted to see who i'd react. i'm gonna see how your little butts react.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Bad2.0 @Wale @rihanna #leggooo #datshitttbangg

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Baby how you gon' be a King when you acting like a Queen?!

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna bring your little buttocks over here. a queen if i'm dressed like a clown, and i'll be juggling that butt. pic.twitter.com/J5BRUNUhI5

Rihanna ‏@rihanna #BADRIHmix #NavyRDie #Rasshole @Wale http://instagram.com/p/aGlEpNhM3h/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna @Wale |O|! i love your little asshole too.

Who cares?

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Paris #sightseeing http://instagram.com/p/aRPBgOKycX/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i'm loving you from head to toes, and anything goes #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Just posted a photo @ Tour Eiffel http://instagram.com/p/aRPKNvKyci/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! are you having fun pissing me off. i want you so fucking bad #suck you know i'm in love with that beautiful cocksucker.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 😁☺🇫🇷 @ Tour Eiffel http://instagram.com/p/aRPcL7qydB/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 grin all you want, i'm not playing #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Haagendazsquickstop 😝😝 #rum&raisin #cookies&cream #yummm http://instagram.com/p/aRPkh8qydX/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #Haagendazsquickstop you'll be doing a lot more than hugging my ass. i'll kiss your little ass hole and make your little cunt pop.

Melissa Forde @mforde11 Just posted a photo http://instagram.com/p/aRRYiDKyQk/

Herman Bumfudle @HermanBumfudle @mforde11 :-/ eh. its just a lonely pecker. i can see that in my pants every fuckless day.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna robyn, i don't care if the guy is gay and his dick was cut off.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna don't say a got damned thing to me about it.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 🇫🇷 http://instagram.com/p/aRhsQaKydM/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 :-/ what the fuck ever.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Crazyhorse #Paris #Amazingggshow 💋 http://instagram.com/p/aRnr0PKyW0/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 no, melissa. robyn is my baby #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 😏☺😍🇫🇷 http://instagram.com/p/aRp2QoKyak/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 melissa, i am not going to carry on this conversation. i don't give a fuck who he is #soyouknowme

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #broken

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #crazyhorse #noemielenoir badgalriri kristennoelgipson #NBZ #funntimess ☺💋 http://instagram.com/p/aRoGq5KyXo/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 robyn, you can't play with me like that baby. no i don't wanna talk to you. you hurt me, you knew it, and you did it anyway.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 don't ever touch my bitch again. guarantee you will die #notajoke heaven help you cause hell is mine, and you have no help.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #todaywasagudfuckinday 😁😝🇫🇷💋 http://instagram.com/p/aRwvO5KyVt/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 no.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Okguysactsophisticated 😝😝 badgalriri @jennnrosales @yusefhairnyc #niggazinParis http://instagram.com/p/aRw9XEKyV_/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @JennnRosales @yusefhairnyc not playing. its over.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @JennnRosales @yusefhairnyc your little trick with a filthy pig, robyn, i don't want you.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @JennnRosales @yusefhairnyc i'm not into pig cunt.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Aries http://instagram.com/p/aS-WN5KyZY/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @JennnRosales @yusefhairnyc ;-/ you and robyn got me with shit again, and the way you just played with my heart.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 that shit is not funny. i know i get stupid when it comes to you too, and beyonce didn't help #pissmeoff pic.twitter.com/eTeMEa4Gj8

Herman Bumfudle @HermanBumfudle @mforde11 you two set me up, to just push me off the fucking cliff, again.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 ;-/ wow, embarrassing.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #histoRih badgalriri words can't explain how prouddd I am right now #DWTdestroyeddddtonighthttp://instagram.com/p/aUFEAhqyYP/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 :- ( hate him, anyway.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #sshhhhhh @jennnrosales #DWT 😁😘😏 http://instagram.com/p/aUFnT7KyZX/

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Who's bad???! This phucking genius right here ---> @orousteing #BALMAINLife http://instagram.com/p/aVre3VhMzH/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna @ORousteing |O|! you're such an idiot.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Who's bad???! This phucking genius right here ---> @orousteing #BALMAINLife http://instagram.com/p/aVre3VhMzH/

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Me and my baby!!!! @orousteing #diamondsworldtour #backstagelife #PaRih http://instagram.com/p/aVqBAHhMxK/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna @ORousteing you're just having so much fun pissing me off. so, you got me.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 melissa, i went to work, and my heart was hurting from the thought that telling you and robyn good bye, i composed a letter.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 robyn, melissa it hurts like hell to let you go, but you showed me that i cannot trust you.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i know i'll never find anyone as loving and kind as you, so i won't try. thank you for being there when you were #stupid

Rihanna ‏@rihanna I don't even know what to say! ----> @chaneliman http://instagram.com/p/aYdfQMBM3G/


So easily broken by simple touch, my strength disarmed and I need you so much.
Standing in the convoluted shadows, I saw you move, and the dance played on, and on in my mind.
Didn’t know where you were taking me, but it felt so good that I couldn’t let go.
I saw you cared and I thought it was love, so easily broken by simple touch.
I wanted to feel alive among the wreckage of my life. A surviver somehow I thought I was strong.
But man ate the apple and woke up stupid, my choice of foolishness is loving you, I can't let go, its so stupid. My strength disarmed, I need you so much.
Standing here in the convoluted shadows, I see you move, and I need you so much. And your body plays on, and on in my mind.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #ManchesterWasAmazeballs #NxtstopLondontown #imfuckingtired http://instagram.com/p/ahXsKSKyao/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i'm tired of missing you too.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna She makes that look so good!! ;) @jennnrosales #amsterdam #motherland http://instagram.com/p/a4NDJ9hM-b/


Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus Wtf? My twitter was just actin all types of cray!

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @MileyCyrus oh. is that what it is? are you sure it wasn't the way you were touching the keys on the keyboard.

Cheyne Thomas ‏@CheyneThomas @MileyCyrus on the phone ordering food "what kind of soup do u have? Great ill take both" Then to me "Biew do u want anything?"

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @CheyneThomas @MileyCyrus :-/ and miley that shit is not fuck'n funny. not even a little.

why in the fuck am i feeling the need to cuddle with a panda bear,or half naked #fuck

Emma Watson ‏@EmWatson Do you need some inspiration this morning ? this completely did it for me. This is the Landfill Harmonic - http://vimeo.com/52711779

june 14, 2013 #father's day

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 by the way i know who put the 50k into my account #2414

#946 no. i thank you for something so beautiful

#princess of pop. |O|!

i wonder if i deserve to be love’d by you.
all the beautiful things you do, when my world has been so ugly, and full of shame.
you’re not frightened by the things that i’ve gone through, you love me, i love you.
am i loosing my mind. could someone be so kind, yet neglected, as you. so, deep.
don’t want to loose this chance to tell you that i love you, girl.
always, thinking of you, you’re my baby. you know how to drive me crazy.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @MileyCyrus @eos uuumm, yes that's exactly what i'd like to be doing to you.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @MileyCyrus |O|! uuumm, i love that beautiful cocksucker, and i know exactly where i wanna put that kiss too.

i love you too, robyn #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #fuck i'm not playing, don't tease me like that #fuck you are so fucking beautiful.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Just posted a photo http://instagram.com/p/cFX-yDqyWx/


Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i'd like that so much better with your hands up against the wall, and your pants pulled down around your knees #sayfuck #harder

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 down on your beautiful knees and suck #lookingsofuckingbeautiful #lickandsuck pic.twitter.com/0JkWaIIDM4

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #buslife #DWT #smackedd #oopsimeantSmacks 😜👋👋 http://instagram.com/p/cFw78eqyeC/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! #jokes keep teasing me, melissa. i've got your smacked little beautiful buttocks. pic.twitter.com/WcHWc4uD49

cunt cum, and you know if it smells like pussy, its getting fucked

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 melissa, you are so fucking beautiful #fuckx #treasuresx #xxx :-O... ..<===oo you & me!

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Xoxo 😴😴 http://instagram.com/p/cFz7ZfKyTi/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna now, about this! i will eat a jalapeno pepper, and slowly, tenderly kiss your cunt. it'll pop like popcorn. pic.twitter.com/cLDLpcxNuC

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! there's not a bitch bad enough to take my baby away from me. and if there is. she'd be sucking on baby's cunt full of sperm.

#ohthatbadbitch look at her licking herself like a cat, and she smells like pussy too.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 When it's good it's great x 💤💤💤 http://instagram.com/p/cNq9RxKyQT/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 uuumm, i want that delicious little cunt and that beautiful little black ass so fucking bad #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 uuumm, i love the way you play with my cock #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #fuckwidMuknowww #lasttshowwguyss #ratchetshit 😜😜🙈 http://instagram.com/p/cUri7BKyfW/


Rihanna ‏@rihanna I prefer my pu$$y in pink http://instagram.com/p/cT2xbnBM9c/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna #fuck i love it when you talk pussy. and i prefer my pink in your little pussy.


hello, beautiful ladies.


:-|~ uh. is there something twirling around on my lip

oh my, #fuck yes. melissa's butt on a silver platter #minz

oh my, #fuck yes! your legs open wide like a sobbing wet jungle gym, and i wanna play #fuck


uh, yeh! that is a little cunt hair twirling around on my mouth.

robyn, i know its a #wtf moment, but we can take turns on the jungle gym, and ride the jungle gym together #nice ...


|O|! melissa, i see your little cunt hair twirling #forthepainofit

uh! a blue ivy moment!




Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @MileyCyrus @CheyneThomas having fun miley, cause i really wanna spank you beautiful little white buttocks til are the color sun burnt red.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @CheyneThomas @MileyCyrus oh, you got #jokes i am seriously gonna spank those beautiful little buttocks #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @MileyCyrus yep! ii'm gonna spank it #seriously

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