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Lover's Triangle the Biography


Either way, you're fuct! http://instagr.am/p/TbBwjyBM5j/

Rihanna ‏@rihanna I spy something with my little eye... An UGG in my dressing room! @NoellaAlstrom WTF? @mforde11 how did u let those get in here?

Rihanna ‏@rihanna “@mforde11: @rihanna @NoellaAlstrom I think might be @JennnRosales Ugg #Uggprincess” get it out of here!!!

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 @rihanna @noellaalstrom @jennnrosales Bennnnnn Ugg breachhh #securityyy

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Next time don't trample me wid #Uggs tho #sooodisrespectful #Detroitishypeecityy

Rihanna ‏@rihanna “@LeeBruhGreene: @rihanna YUH FUSSY?!” Reallll fussy! #DETROIT my peoplez

Rihanna ‏@rihanna My fragrance on and they love my smell... #UKnavy you asked for it you got it! My latest fragrance #NUDE is now available in the UK!!!!

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna :-/ i think we found the ghost in the room #robynfarted

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 “@chrisnevmoore: @rihanna @noellaalstrom @mforde11 could've benn worse, could've been a croc!!!!”😂😂😂😂😂😂 truuuu

My girls, they can be a little impolite, romantic, and passionate, and just not right, but still its funny. So much fun, living in a world of love, so sorry if you got none. Taking my dreams turning them inside out, like they’re cleaning house in my mind. Filling me up with chatter, girl have you lost your mind, I’m gonna have to get your behind, and love you til you wanna go pop. Can’t believe the things we, maybe its just an unfortunate day that leaves us laughing. A wonderful world of love, got me wondering what did you do to me. Did you put your little cunt in my food, that explains that hair. Don’t you come creeping up to me, trying to be a mystery, trying to make the sheets rise. Look at em sway, it does the hula. Everything is everything, and we don’t care about it, we got a thing for each other, love her tighter than my mother. Sorry mother, didn’t mean to break your heart. What kind of blessed creature can make me feel this way, I think I wanna discover it more, uncover it more, til she’s naked and get up on it. You fucked with my head, and I’ll fuck with your behind. You’re so rude, look at em lips whats that on em, its stick lips. Playing with my cock, you get it stiff and angry, I'll spank you little buttocks til your cunt is sobbing wet, and slap happy. I’d call you a whore, but you’re a hooker, your hook got my ass so deep I can't get away. Got me paying for the place you stay, stay’n with me, in my bed, going to my head. Look at em sway, like a hula dancer, I suggest you look closer, much closer, cause you are about to get paid.

best friends and there's nothing better, let's suck stick. uh? beh! nice branch, but you're trying to suck it with the wrong end. no! i'm just saying. look at the size of that branch, it can't fit. and have you ever seen a girl, other than beyonce with an ass like that. just look at what she's doing to that stick, poor stadick, what a fucking show off!

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna huuumm, whose buttock is that in the mirror? the handwriting looks familiar.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna oh! hi beyonce. and what is rihanna doing with your butt! pic.twitter.com/T5OLASrWD0

uuumm, delicious. my little beautiful girls eating creamy finger food.

Watching as we wave goodbye, my eyes can't help but cry. I get so lonely. I try not to give a damn, but you are who I am, and my tears on my face are calling me a liar, you can never say goodbye. This is not who i am, I used to be a different man. Why in the hell does my heart ache, my heart breaks, alone, that's all I am, when I am without you. I laugh so deep, I smile so hard that it make my face ache, but now its my heart. I love so strong, and now I'm gone, to a place where I'm missing you. How in the fuck am I missing you, are you enjoying me missing you, or are you enjoying me loving you? Please don’t make me miss you, you are no longer in my life, let me love you. This is not who i am. Still, my tears are calling me a liar, you can never say goodbye.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #thinkinboutya #missinu 💋💋 http://instagr.am/p/TD460wKya5/

So although my mind maybe confused, I keep my heart safe by loving someone as sweet and beautiful as you. You make me smile, but you make me cry, fear and confusion about the way I love you so deeply, and I love your Guyanese ways. I can't find myself in a mirror without you to tell me who I am, or the man that I could be. I’m terrified that I love you so much, have I lost my mind. I can’t believe that I’ve broken like that, there’s almost nothing for you that I wouldn’t do. We spoke, your words were fell so sweet upon my ears, I felt you drink me up in a kiss. But we were just playing and you pushed me over the edge. Broken and bruised, it cut me so deep inside my heart, I fell upon the sharp edge of a love triangle. You pushed me, and now I love my baby so deeply, I never knew love could be so terrifying. But here I am cry, can't stand for you to say goodbye. If I could I'd take the stars from the sky and lay them upon your body like diamonds. But you are so fucking beautiful the diamonds would fade into emptiness, and melt from my eyes in tears.

When you love someone, you enjoy the way they love you back, you enjoy the things they do to make you love them. Making love, in everything she does, she's making me say yes, its so hard to tell her no, she's my baby. And when she’s not there you find yourself missing her, you pushed me when I was already falling, and I fell deep and hard, flowing. And now I’m terrified of missing you whenever you’re not there, my life without you in it, is a very sad and lonely place to be. Hell's got nothing on what you did to me. But if you love someone and find yourself living in loneliness, what kind of life is that. Not everybody is affectionate as you. I wanna live my life but there's really nothing in it without you, so you've got me terrified of loving you, but here I am and I do.

Yep. I’m Charlie, the guy whose fuct either way. And this is how we play about how much we love each other. Might get killed doing it, but there’s not to much worth dieing for, or living for without my babys.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Pissed the fuck offffffffffffff 😡😡😡 http://instagr.am/p/TC3gt8Kyd4/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 and because your pissed off that means your body's hot, and you're sweating between your black thighs #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i'd fuck you for a minute, then with stiff angry drooling pointed at your face i'd tell you, get to get the fuck out of here #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 you'd say no, finish what you started. i'd turn you around and fuck you some more.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 playing with your body while we fuck. i'd turn you around and around kissing you, smelling every bit of you up into my mind #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i'm going to try to go to sleep in a few moments. its going to be very awkward trying to roll over while standing on one leg #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Soon 😉 http://instagr.am/p/TG01YQKyQa/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 that is so fucked up how you get my cock hard, with one word #soon

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #MSmiley 😁😁😊😊 http://instagr.am/p/TJs5uOqyVk/

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Happy to be Happy!! 😁😁#trulyBlessed http://instagr.am/p/TJrsAPKyUP/

Where do I begin? Melissa would like me to start from Barbados. That's where the concept for the album Diamonds came from. Me, Robyn and Melissa were goofing off on the Internet together. I was a little drunk, and they were a little high, we were having fun on the babillarde talking Guyanese. And yes that is Melissa with her pants off in the SUV, on her way to the airport.


I had a blog, Halle Berry's Dirty Internet Secrets, where me and Halle Berry and Jessica Alba were talking. The stories were explicitly erotic, dominant submissive sex, and Robyn and Melissa were just a few of my fans.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Feeling good living Betta 🙏 #thankful #Bdos #feelslikeChristmas http://instagr.am/p/TbfqsHKye0/

Anyway, before I was interrupted. Rihanna and Melissa were fans of my stories, so when I'd post on a blog, Rihanna would read my post. It was silly fun, and something we haven't stopped doing since we first started do it. And that's where Chris comes in. Rihanna was texting in the car about something silly I said. And although Rihanna and Chris were only friends, Chris made a deal of Rihanna texting about me. And when Rihanna wouldn't stop doing what she was doing, Chris went off, and tried to beat her to death. And that's where found love in a hopeless place. And when we took it further, it became Diamonds.


I fell so deeply, I didn't know that something that makes you so happy, could make you so sad, and heart broken. I'm heart broken, loving you. Still we keep playing and playing, I love you so much while we play. Its hard living, so hard living without your touch. I never thought about it, joy can make you cry, make you feel you wanna die, without it. And here I am crying, I want you, I want you, I need you, what the hell is wrong with me. Emptiness was my salvation from the pain I feel without you. Ignorance is bliss, lucky fool, you don't know what its like to be loved. You don't know what its like to lose your mind in a simple word that feels like a kiss. If this is heaven, why am I going through hell. I'm trying to be a good man, trying to be a good man in a world that just won't let me. I seen a glimpse of heaven, and I wanted it. And as I came closer, it was you, |O|! You are my thirst, you are my hunger, disturbing me. The dirt washes off to reveal either a hero, or a mud cake, who will crumble into dust. And here I am falling apart. You saw me crying, crying for the dirt upon my face. This is not who i am. I wanna be in a different place. Sheltered, protected, but this is not where I am from. I know more hate than love, strange that I love you. Flip a coin, and we were not on either side. Laying on the train tracks we were divided. Still I'm so in love with you, begging my heart, what I should do. Can't find myself in a mirror without you, its just not to clear who I am without you. Confused, I'm lost, not asking for pity nor direction, cause what I want is your love. I fell into a hopeless place, and you pushed me there. Its crazy how you took me there. I want to run, I want to hide, I just don't want ever get away. Now that I've fallen, don't let me go. Why the fuck are you so beautiful, so fucking beautiful.

Melissa, do you know I'm still thinking about you twerk'n it in the car, fuck I want you. Yeh, I fell in love with all that. Watching you move like that, making me want it like that. Its so beautiful the way you move, you've got my cock throbbing, fuck. I can't get enough of you, baby.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna #fuck is that melissa's hand #fuck and you're cuming in her beautiful little mouth #fuck i am gonna spank your little butts silly

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna it is going to be so hard sleeping with your beautiful little cunts dancing around in my head #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna robyn, you know i know that look in your eyes is how you look when you're delicious little cunt is cumming.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 talk to me, please talk to me, you give my life sanity. i need you so fucking much.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna oh, look. its the invisible melissa playing with my balls.

yeh. i see where you are, and its in the same room with robyn. and you've got cum on your delicious little mouth #fuck are you two having fun playing with my fat throbbing cock #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna :-/ you little cunt sucker, got me going to work with a throbbing cock.

Melissa, you knew you were making love to me. And now I'm all fucked up. Its not your fault, you were simply being beautiful. You couldn't have known, how beautiful you are to me. Robyn, what the fuck is wrong with me, you pushed me and we fell. Now I'm losing my mind, without you, I can't stop thinking about the way that you fuck.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Your fave http://instagr.am/p/TjfYjdBM9o/

Wow. After a long days work, I couldn't imagine coming home to anything more beautiful. Wow. I'm still thinking about your concert in London, when you took the microphone away from your mouth and said, I can put it in your booty. Just when I thought I couldn't love you more, I do. And its hurting me so deeply to want you like I do, but I do. I never want to let you go, you belong to me. I know its not possible, but still I'm losing my mind, I want you so bad, my badgirl, my baby. story goes here****

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #welcometomahouseparty💨💨💨 #beast http://instagr.am/p/TkS-ZFqyb5/

Uuumm, Melissa you are so fucking beautiful. And you know what you've got me thinking about, with that little beautiful cocksucker, teasing me, as if you're licking my balls. I've plenty baby food for you, and you know what I want you to do, and you do what I want, fuck. Making me want you so much more than just a minute ago. The way you move, everything that you do, you've got me loving you, fuck.

Here I go, there I go falling in love with you. Is something wrong with me, I can't get you off of my mind, I'm losing my mind. I can't stop falling, in love with you, my little beautiful cocksucker. Oh! So, you had to go there. What do I love about your beauty? It makes you just so vulnerable enough to me. I'm serious, I want you! A lot! I love the way you sparkle when I call you beautiful. The way you smile, and blush embarrassed, that is just the cutest thing you do, so adorable. I like the way I can feel you heartbeat flutter because you are so fucking beautiful to me. I love the way you know how much you know I want you, and the way it makes you get wet when you think about what your beauty is doing to my body. There’s so many ways you are beautiful, and I love to make your pussy wet. You are a beauty that gives beauty and life more beautiful inside of you. I love the way your beauty gets you in the mood to fuck, and how it makes you so vulnerable to fuck in every way that you’ve got me wanting and needing you. I like the way your beauty makes me find you more beautiful each day before.


I've tried to figure out my way, out of loving you, but it hurts so bad. There's something about you that i just can't live without. Other girl's flirt and they flirt hard, and I want it too, but there's just something about the way I can't live without you loving me. I should be so happy, but its driving me mad. You were so easy on me, I never saw it coming. I'm only happy when I see you, hear your voice. Never needed a damned thing in my life, needing you, here I am needing you. I can't get enough of you. just everything about you. The way you know me so well. Needing you, its everything about you. I just don't understand it, the way you know me so well. I'm in a place where I've never been before. Never knew something as wondrous as you existed. How in the fuck could you be real? Maybe this is my punishment for never giving a fuck. How did this happen to me, I flirted with you, you flirted back, and I liked it, and now i can't live without it.

I liked the way you said the things you said. Then you said you love me, it made me cry. We spoke for a while we went on forever. I never knew how beautiful you are, every word I spoke was answered in poetry. Then you said you love me, it made me cry. Never thought I could go so high, never thought that love could get me, so high. What if I, found myself loosing my mind without. What if I get so lonely without you in my world. And what if I love everything about you. The way you laugh at yourself, the way you prank on me. The way you care so deep, and affectionately, so passionately, til I can't let go. You are so silly, sorry, I can't stop laughing, you are so silly, fuck. And what if woke up in the morning, crying in my sleep. What if the only joy in my day, in my life, is my time spent with you. What if I never want you to leave me, cause I'm hopeless without you. I'm still looking for that damned mirror, I know its right here in front of me.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Mizzin ma boo @rihanna 😭😭😁😜 http://instagr.am/p/TvlSiUqyeJ/

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #NYC 😁 http://instagr.am/p/T4XznwKyZI/

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Just for u @rihanna 💨💨😘 http://instagr.am/p/T4Yp5rqyaI/

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Are u still down baby? Are u really bout that life? Is you down for the ride?.......here we go again

Baby, I tried to pretend, but I was so much stronger then. You took me on a ride, you took my breathe away, and I fell to my knees, wanting more. He never seen that beautiful woman, standing right there beside him. How could you let her go. Mending her heart, I fell apart. I didn't have any idea I could fall any further, but you took me on a ride. Ignoring me, while watching me, you worked your love on me. Cautious in the game, you were playing with me. You were playing with me, and Mr. Right ain't right at all, with him isn't a place where you belong. Play me, no you were playing it safe. Unlucky at every turn, didn’t want your heart to burn, trying to get to where you belong. Say it, ride it baby. Tell me, where you belong, in whose arms, say it. A ring upon a finger isn't shit, when there's no love within it. It was always you left all alone for big bad wolf like me, it was always him loving himself, no time for my boo. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying this is how it goes, when your love don't have no flow. You got me dreaming of it, got me scheming for it, got to find away to get into your panties. And I'm taking it, giving you all of it. Loving it so deeply, I can feel you pop. You got that dopedealer shit, work'n it on me. Blowing it, blowing it up like bubblegum, you love what you feel in your heart, making it pop on me. You didn’t know that you could feel this way, but you felt it, you feel it, you love feeling the way it makes you feel. Didn’t know you could want it, but you want so much, you just have to have a touch, you got the flow going. You try in every way to get it, you got it, got the flow going, and you can’t get enough of it. I wouldn’t have it any other way, cause I love the way you do it. Looking forward to it everyday.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna All I see is $ign$ http://instagr.am/p/T2x9_WBMxQ/

You see dollar signs, and I see golden chains meant to keep you in your place. Meant to put me back in mine. He’ll find a girl that he just don’t like, the head game starts, and their’s gonna be a fight. Tell em one thing, but you do a dmaned nother, they never see it coming. And its their own damned fault, you made me do it to you, and now you’ve got to pay. Hold em down with them golden chains, they’ll never get away. You need more money, cause you need a bigger chain. Theirs a big beast out there and he’s playing in your game, got to keep that nigga tame, before he piss on your parade. Wisdom to a fool, some niggas been though so damned much they’ll never give a shit, and you can’t handle it with a golden chain. Hold em down with them golden chains. A beast came and he bumped up against it, needed something soft to rub his back on, and the walls came tumbling down. Poisonous walls came tumbling down. Who the fuck are you, and why you trying to be something to me. I like it when the walls fall, I like to watch em crumble. Stupid Humpty Dumpty, he sat on a wall, looking at the girls go bye, bye, and I watched him fall, and the walls come tumbling down. You’re trying to get a dollar, but you just can’t tame that beast, breaking golden chains, turning gold into diamonds.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle if all i see were dollar signs, then the insurance from a homicide, suicide is a lot more money, a lot quicker.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle i'm thinking rihanna's beat down was for valuable employee insurance policy. a manslaughter charge for 1/4 billion.

I woke up this morning feeling you were gone from my life, I cried about it all night in my sleep. So, I guess this is good bye to my beautiful Mama, I deal with my loneliness, alone, that's the way I've always been. Something is telling me that this is good bye, maybe I've lost my mind, but thank you both for being in my life. I know if I continue to play this game, you and girl are gonna make me hurt me more than i can stand. I've never loved anyone, or anything so deeply, still I can't fight with those golden chains. I know you're going to hurt me more than I can stand, so good bye, I love you. Always loving you, cause I know you won't ever let me go.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna #babyriri #2chainz #butigotmeafewon http://instagr.am/p/UTbnXpBMzB/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna :-/ yeh. golden chains, i almost lost you, beautiful mama. you're my baby, robyn. remember that!

How can you love somebody so deeply, and tell them bye, bye? How can want someone so much, and tell them bye, bye? Loving you terrifies me, you’re so sweet. Everything about you is so damned delicious, and I’m loosing my mind. How can someone be the world to you, and you tell them bye, bye. Every living moment they’re not with you, you break down and cry. You’re so precious to me, you make me love you in more ways than I ever thought I could. And I just can’t stand the thought of loosing you, it would hurt me so deep. Just the thought of loosing you, tears my whole world apart so I’ve got to good bye. I love you so fucking much.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @rihanna robyn, i'm not ready to talk to you, baby. i'm loving you so much, i'm just trying to get my head together.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna I bet you wanna know what Im all about http://instagr.am/p/UQqUSjhM0V/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna no, i'm not going to keep calm, you are my baby. i'll kill a muthafucker over you. and you know what i'm gonna do up in that bitch.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #NYCnights #phuckedup #funtimesss @ursulastephen @5_StarD @stayflysamir 😝 http://instagr.am/p/UQPGimqyeC/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i hope you have an oral fixation, cause i plan on keeping you down on your knees. uuumm, that beautiful mouth, and guyaneese ways.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @UrsulaStephen @5_StarD @stayflysamir |O|! wow. you're here look'n so fuckable. i like your style, let's do it, and do it often.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @UrsulaStephen @5_StarD @stayflysamir the last time we did this jay-z hired a dude to put a bullet in the back of my head.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle since your boyfriend chris brought it up jay-z. what exactly was your beef with tupac? he cracked to many jokes about your smelly ass feet?

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Watch what you say to/about people! Cuz you only wind up dragging your skeletons out your own closet, all wh http://instagr.am/p/UOk-lvhM_z/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna why in the fuck is jay-z trying to talk to me through your account, robyn?

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna i'm not worried about it jay-z, but obviously you are, you're trying to talk to me through robyn. i don't like that.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna jay-z, you play'd that gangster on me, and now you've got a little time before all the niggas you fuck, find out it was you.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna yeh. friday, the police video doesn't lie. anthony michael's relative was attempting to put a bullet in the back of my head.

|O|! a little after midnight, 42nd and time sq, were you waiting there for me? yeh, beautiful mama, i know your hands are tied

You flirted with me, you knew that I wanted it, keeping me wanting that love. Give it to me so I can want even more. I adore you, how kind and sweet you’ve tried to be to me. We can’t talk cause your hands are tied, he’s damned near got you gagged and bound, cause you’re married to a killer, married to a man who will will never give a damn about anything but money. Spots don't change on a leopard and, "Cat foot soft but he ah scratch bad."

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle you must really feel like they made a fool of you. what were you going to do jay-z, kill all of us, including blue ivy?

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle by the way, beyonce i'm sorry i couldn't watch your hbo show last night. you can pop my heart like a little balloon. i'm afraid of how much

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle i love you.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle beyonce, i saw the picture of blue ivy, she is so beautiful #broken you made my heart go pop, just like a fucking balloon #143

lol! she looks like me

by the way, thank you for the invitation to do security at barclays, but a quick phone call from jay-z said no. and then had the interviewer, mr. johnson set me up for the kill.

Exactly what Jay-Z didn't want to happen at Barclays, happened on a subway train, as we rode from my home to 42nd and Time Square, she was on her way to NYGARD I believe. If anything happens to either me, Beyonce, or Blue Ivy, it'll be a TMZ moment for you, Jay-Z and Defjams Productions. That reasonable doubt you used to enjoy, just got very unreasonable. Beyonce's favorite saying, sit up straight. The funny thing about Beyonce taking that ride with me to 42nd and Time Square, is its Beyonce who established reasonable doubt. Huuumm, did she, or didn't she? Beyonce and Rihanna are now their own valuable employees for their perspective businesses, so the papers Defjams has on em are worthless. Insurance policies do not pay out twice on the same event, cause you're only dead once. Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Aaliyah, Bob Marley, DJ, born Jason Mizell, Marvin Gaye, Same Cooke were valuable employees, the Gangsta beef was just shade, cause they were worth more dead than alive. It's old school Gangster shit, slow money is no money.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna so, how's my beautiful mama doing? me, i'm to deep in it to be angry with you. jay-z was always going to do what he wanted to do.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna and jay-z, i know all about your investigator digging up shit on me. you're not the first killer to try to use me for their alibi.

Jay-Z sent a message to the Federal Building where I work. 470 Vanderbilt is one block away from Barclays, you pass right by it going down Atlantic Avenue, and the shot came from the roof of that building. You can see Barclays rooftop, where the shot came from, across from the water tower.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Boys will be boys!!! Cause they can't be men.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna yeh, they were going to try that hit on me again last night, but beyonce got on the train with me, and rode from my home to NYGARD.

I guess Jay-Z got pissed cause you were holding me to close. He's got a whole nother house hold that you've been paying for in the Isles, and he's pretending to be pissed. two house holds is a typical Gangster move, but only the show is the sacrifice, and you were a part of the the show in a homicide, suicide. I’ve got to admit I love the way you hold me. Oh well, if I’ve got to take a bullet for loving such a sweet, beautiful, and kind young lady. I may as well say what I really feel about you, and have been feeling for a long, long time, and no, baby I’m not angry at you, Beyonce. I'm glad that my girls are safe.

First of all. Hi beautiful Mama.

So, what do I love about you, Beyonce? Uuumm baby, I love the way that you love, its obsessive I can’t get enough of you love. The way you love a man til he knows that you’ve given him every drop of you. Attentive, strong, gentle, thoughtful, kind, encouraging, the way you can fuck almost endlessly. And I love the way you place your sweetheart in everything you do, the way every detail of your loving thoughts shine in the way you move, and the way you work your body to exhaustion. I am thoroughly entertained, loving the way you move. You are so fucking delicious, it makes me want to take advantage of you, and make you do some nasty things with some badgirls while I watch you squirm until your little cunt goes pop. I love the way you show your appreciation for being loved, and the way you make sure that your man knows that his love is appreciated.

I am loving that beautiful little cunt so fucking much. You’ve got me loving everything about you. I’ve never been interested in being a better man but, you’ve got me interested in doing the best that I can for you. But I know its not much. Its a crazy ass situation we’re in.

I want to get you closer, but just can’t seem to get you close enough. You’ve got me wanting it so much. Fuck!

uuumm, you know what i like and the way i like it. Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna uuumm. i love the way you know how to keep me wanting it #fuck you are so fucking delicious.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @stayflysamir and what the fuck do you expect me to say? you wanna hurt me like that, fine. i'm not going to deal that bull shit.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna why in the fuck is melissa so jealous of beyonce when they have so fucking much in common #she hurt me. don't destroy what you luv?

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Where the phuck iz my lighter? http://instagr.am/p/UsHb_BBM2j/

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Buckle up bitches http://instagr.am/p/Ut-QMYhM3D/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna :-/ oh. you got jokes too.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 😁😁😝😝 #DAF http://instagr.am/p/UuHRGjKyW6/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 drunk as fuck? no! you hurt me. you stupid asshole. you fucking hurt me over beyonce. wtf?

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna got me involved in this sobbing wet pussy, shit. http://www.wavsource.com/snds_2013-01-13_4496872691627824/animals/cat_fight.wav

Rihanna ‏@rihanna #modelbehavior http://instagr.am/p/UuYVr5BM7e/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna wait a minute. are you jealous of melissa loving me #wtf

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Smokey da bear have to bare with us 💨💨#californialuv http://instagr.am/p/Uu8oIWqybs/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #jokes i wear a uniform so now i'm smokey the bear.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Your fave's fave. terryrichardsonstudio is the be$t http://instagr.am/p/UypE-zBM7S/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna |O|! yeh, beyonce is my sweetheart, you too beautiful mama. and melissa, is my roller coaster ride #outofcontrol but very loving.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 hi beautiful mama. everything is alright. i'm going to sleep with you on my mind.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #KissKiss 🎁💋💤💤 http://instagr.am/p/U0sqpfqybT/

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Freaky gal a de gal dem me luvv #Ted 😝✌ http://instagr.am/p/U0tJeVqybl/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 how do your words and your body make love to me, like this, the sweetest luvv i've ever known #broken

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! i'm loving your beautiful lips, just dreaming that i could touch them and taste those sweet kisses, and call you mine.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Xoxo 💋 http://instagr.am/p/U6AbvVKyfx/

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 👋👋 💤💤 turn off da lights 😊 http://instagr.am/p/U6AtTUKyQH/

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Long az my bitches love me http://instagr.am/p/U619U2BM3M/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna i see its a little black and white dog, and you know i'm gonna spank you for calling me a bitch.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna #jokes okay, look at the size of your wrist. now, look at the size of your ankle. my cock is as big around as your ankle #suckit

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Walk around da club #phuckeverybody #MyStudio #calinites 😝 http://instagr.am/p/U8hvOiqyeX/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 what. i will suck on them beautiful finger til your cunt is popping on my hand, and lubricate my cock with it, then you're #fucked

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Getcho own shit heaux http://instagr.am/p/U98LaVBM9E/

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 😉 http://instagr.am/p/U90HfiqyfS/

ouch! that's gotta hurt. i guess you sucked it from the wrong end, dimples.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Repost Y u ova there lookin @ me while my girl standin here 😝😝 @rihanna #Thuglife http://instagr.am/p/U9mgl8KybJ/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @rihanna look, beyonce is not jealous of melissa. she just didn't think melissa would accept me let alone love me.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Yerpppp 😝💋 http://instagr.am/p/VBG-Y5KyTk/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 uuumm. your delicious lips looking like bubblegum #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! i'll give you something to pray about, you'll be mumbling the lord's prayer on my cock in your mouth. you make me wanna piss.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 hi beautiful mama. oops! i got my hair stuck in your.

bubblegum? #wtf did you do to me? ouch! my balls.

badgalriri Heading to set, M$$ rapping in the backseat @mforde11 #STAY

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna badgalriri Heading to set, M$$ rapping in the backseat @mforde11 #STAY #bubblegumlips why so mellow.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Not really sure how to feel about it... http://instagr.am/p/VQcKAOqybn/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i miss you too. i saw a girl who look like you, beautiful. she made me think about you. i want to fuck you #seriously

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 melissa, there's so much love inside of you, and that's where i want to be.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle beyonce, charlie's angel's, i did not expect that. you are such an incredible beautiful mama. oh god #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle |O|! i know jay -z shit on himself when he heard you say, "we love you charlie" #hilarious pic.twitter.com/89LbVlTS

Pink and Blue Silhouettes

Emma Watson ‏@EmWatson This is fun! #Superbowl

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Where my bitches @ ???? http://instagr.am/p/VhZbOABM1h/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna |O|! huuumm, i guess my bitches are with you, in your little cunt eating mouth!!!! hi lovey. have fun #smellslikepussyitsfucked

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #brunch 😘 http://instagr.am/p/Vh9IFnqyVk/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 just what #fuck turns did you and robyn take on beyonce? got her beautiful lips looking like delicious bubblegum, talking #roaddog

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 I luv bad bitchez dats ma Phuckin problem 😝 http://instagr.am/p/ViR8gLKyUV/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 don't paly with me. i'll nibble on those beautiful knees until your little cunt is drooling down your pretty thighs and legs.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 uuumm, my beautiful little bitch. wearing just the kind of outfit i'd want you to wear while you're sucking on my dick.

RihannaVerified account ‏@rihanna Got a couple treats for you today before the #STAY #WORLDPREMIERE tonight at 7 pm on E! News #staytuned

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna |O|! i saw the video "stay"a few times, and that cute little mischievous grin when you twerk'n me in the bathtub #wespokethosewords

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna i got a few treats for you three too. melissa twerk, rihanna badgirl, beyonce, uuumm, a real ass. pic.twitter.com/CL8g9Ogq

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle|O|! i got your ponytail, beyonce #cute and you've got my cock full of sperm throbbing.

Rihanna @rihanna I know you want my cropped knot tank #RIHforRiverIsland http://instagr.am/p/V46-D9hMzY/

Herman Bumfudle @HermanBumfudle @rihanna why, yes i do. and i tie cherry stems into a knot too, guess what i'm gonna do to your little cunt #knot

This could happen to your little cunt Robyn, keep playing with me.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Make me golden ☀ http://instagr.am/p/V5Pb88qyc5/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i'll make you golden. i'll put my limp dick in your beautiful mouth and make you suck on it it til i'm done taking a piss.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Allll day n allll nightt #wewantdrinkss http://instagr.am/p/V990w-qyeq/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! why you gonna make me love you like this all day and all night #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 ☺🌴🍃☀ http://instagr.am/p/V5ClpuKycz/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 are you two having fun playing with my throbbing, fat cock full of sperm #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 melissa, i know that naked buttock. are you trying to send me to bed with a throbbing cock, again #cuntkisses #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #ifitsmellslikecuntitsfucked oops! wrong hole large pole. cry me a river, when all i want is a #nut

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #fuck did you just flash those beautiful dimples at me. you are so fucking beautiful, i wanna push my cock up your ass and piss

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 wear that outfit around me, and i'll pull my cock out and rough you up with it. you'll look like a cream filled doughnut #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 I wanna be loved not for who think I am not what u want me to be could u love me #reallove with no strings attached 💋

Herman Bumfudle @HermanBumfudle @mforde11 are you my little bitch #fuck your words are so fucking sweet, and you lips look so fucking delicious #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 fuck no! strings attached, tie you down, and fuck you til i lose my got damned mind.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #byureside http://instagr.am/p/WBc4imKyQ8/

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Just posted a photo http://instagr.am/p/WBcfXlKyQm/

the fight

Rihanna ‏@rihanna #throwbackRiRi my surprise 20th birthday party!! Im an old bitch now! Thank God for His gifts and His… http://instagr.am/p/V849EChM9g/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna :-/ robyn, you really need to lick my asshole #seriously

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Pour it up pour it up! #birthdaybehavior http://instagr.am/p/V-TeBZhM2y/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna robyn, are you having fun pissing me off. is that what you want.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 🎂🎂🎂🎉🎂🎂🎂 http://instagr.am/p/V_l5PKKyX1/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 sorry robyn, i might love you but i don't want you. i don't want a used condom on my dick.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @rihanna i'm not a gang banger, so i'm really not into used condoms.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 We be burning unconcerning what nobody gotta say 💨💨💨

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 :-/ robyn, is that you. i am so pissed off at you.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Niggas be like #Imhighallthetime #phuckyobootlrghooka#electrichookaflow @rihanna 😂😜😁 http://instagr.am/p/WDiqnFqycO/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 :-/ robyn, is that you ficking with me. i'm not talking to you.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @rihanna :-/ no robyn, i did not say pea, i said pissed.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Lost my contacts ... Bummer

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @rihanna :-/ yeh. now i get the joke. i can't believe you two idiots did that to me #loveu you love me.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @rihanna miley tried to tell me the pictures were different, but i couldn't see it, because you always look so fucking beautiful.

Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus "fat chicks love famous people." -Metal Skool

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @rihanna #fuck I love it when you call me Big Poppa 🍸🌴☀🎧 i'm gonna pop your little butts fucking with me like that.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @rihanna Pour it up pour it up! #birthdaybehavior http://instagr.am/p/V-TeBZhM2y/ i'm gonna pour it up both your little butt holes #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna i got your #ohb you enjoy pissing me off, and i'm gonna enjoy it tearing your little buttocks up.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Don't fall to sleep u can get ya 💰💰on 👋👋 http://instagr.am/p/WOzsVGqyW3/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #fuck i love the way you keep me thinking about your luscious cock sucking mouth. my cock is so fucking fat and hard #piss

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna #pranknme i'm gonna have you down on your knees sucking on melissa's cunt while i paddle the hell out of your little buttocks #fuck

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #fuck i love the way you keep me thinking about your luscious cock sucking mouth. my cock is so fucking fat and hard #piss

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Xoxo 💋💋 http://instagr.am/p/WRR02WKyZR/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! i love you too.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 omg! #fuck come here so i can kiss your beautiful black ass til you pop multiple nuts on my hand #fuck #fuck #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Phuck around n get embarrassed

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! you are so fucking goofy. today was embarrassing, i kept thinking about you #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Phuck around n get embarrassed Retweeted by Rihanna

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 :-/ robyn, are you having fun pissing me off. say you love me and your little ass is in so much trouble. pic.twitter.com/15LuQ2SdIq

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Wanna feel your skin http://instagr.am/p/WT5cMzqyVH/

Rihanna ‏@rihanna Bandz make yo gurl go dooown!!! http://instagr.am/p/WURDjuBMzf/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna what! oh! trash talking my girl. i'm gonna rough your little buttocks up, then you're fucked. pic.twitter.com/gNV0y2RD3M

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Wanna feel your skin http://instagr.am/p/WT5cMzqyVH/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 i wanna feel your skin too. feel your cunt gush gooey cunt butter, spindling down your legs into your shoe. pic.twitter.com/OypkTqwt4L

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Phucking ❤❤❤ this girl @rihanna #Rihverisland #Proud 😘😍🎉 http://instagr.am/p/Wc-rynKyRN/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @rihanna i love the way my girls fuck. uuumm, the way your mouths smell like pussy #fuck when you two are done fucking #suckmydick

@mforde11 @rihanna #fuck

I see you know what position I want you to take. I'll fuck you like a little whore.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @rihanna and don't forget to suck my scrotum.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @rihanna #fuck

Lets see if you can twerk your little cunt on my cock like that while I paddle your beautiful peach color ass to a glowing hot cherry red. Badgalis pissing me off like that. You make me wanna piss, making me love you so fucking much, you are so fucking beautiful, I think I love you to much. Maybe not enough!

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #Repost 😏 http://instagr.am/p/WvKRrpqyUq/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 what! i'll play games with you all right. its called whop your buttocks, and #seriously knock you up. pic.twitter.com/kMDtBP5WNw

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle so @mforde11 @rihanna you can't tweet because you both have laryngitis. you two really know how to piss me off #goofy pic.twitter.com/s60DyFDLpS

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Just posted a photo http://instagr.am/p/WyH-pKqyRG/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 oh! you got jokes. i'll that minute of happiness back when i'm riding on your beautiful little buttocks. pic.twitter.com/AB4sBeQbs5

Taylor you were parked outside of my apartment.

Taylor ‏@taylormomsen you can show violence, but you can't show love http://vimeo.com/43433169

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @taylormomsen what! you came, you left #wtf

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @taylormomsen taylor, you know that i love you. i'm not going to say anything more, this is not who i am, love for the pain i feel #love


mforde11 @yusefhairnyc is funnyyy #tourbusconfessions

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 mforde11 @yusefhairnyc is funnyyy #tourbusconfessions have fun #goofy

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle last week monday, beyonce actually confronted the gunmen, who were supposed to murder me. all captured on police dashboard video.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle oh. beyonce i see you've got some jokes. pic.twitter.com/OtYXPLf6bJ

uuumm, beautiful mama. as much as i love you, i'll whip your beautiful little ass. fuck you silly. then have you down on your knees sucking the piss out of my limp dick #fuck

beyonce, you are so on point. uuumm, my cunt licking little whore, fuck i love that beautiful little ass.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Bouta get tatt tatt tatt'd up @BangBang 😥 http://instagr.am/p/W8MNmVKyaL/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @BangBang |O|! jay-z and 2 of the 4 shooters, almost got into a shootout with the brooklyn police. captured on police dashboard.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 You are always with me #Iloveyou @BangBang #thegreatest 😍😍😘 http://instagr.am/p/W8cB6-qySI/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 @BangBang i love you too.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 I feel so close to you right now it's a force field 💋 http://instagr.am/p/W6lXd0qyXH/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna robyn, why is it that sometimes when i tell you what i feel you talk about how sad you are?

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna i see how horrific my life is, it used to make me sad. but i couldn't stay sad, when i had to fight for my life.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna talking to you took away a lot of that sadness. its just something so beautiful and loving in you it overcomes the sorrow in me.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna selfishly, i need you because i don't want to ever go back to that place of sadness anymore.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna i'm not asking that you go out of your way, or be somebody you're not. i just enjoying loving you #selfishly avoiding my own tears.

Emma Watson ‏@EmWatson Good. Well that's that sorted then.

Emma Watson ‏@EmWatson : )

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Bob ya got me feelin Noiceeee

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 |O|! you feel nice because robyn loves me #goofy

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Let's get together n feel alrite #1❤

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 uuumm, i'd like that a lot.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 I don't wanna wait in vain for your love

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 don't wait.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 uuumm, had me taking your beautiful little cocksucker to bed with me #fuck #piss

Rihanna ‏@rihanna All the way down the end of the street, that's where I meeting my fans tonight #diamondsworldtour http://instagr.am/p/XDEtsrhMzf/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna that almost looks like barclays from my view at work. pic.twitter.com/kqTDVd9Cv0

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna i'll make you suck my cock it in public. all the way down the street. pic.twitter.com/T43DYjhoqC

Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus CHECK IT #WOP #1Z #UNICORN #TWERK http://tinyurl.com/WOP1ZMC

Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus Twerkin in the kitchen #yamserrrrwhere

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @MileyCyrus #fuck what are you doing miley.

Miley Ray Cyrus ‏@MileyCyrus Don't Hold The Wall @jtimberlake #repeat #myshit

too late.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @MileyCyrus @jtimberlake omg! miley, shush my cock is throbbing, baby.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 melissa, what the fuck are you doing between your legs. pic.twitter.com/AKHYPq5MFo

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 oh. you got jokes. you'll give a fuck, "croc."

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 melissa, i love you so much baby #goofycroc

RihannaVerified account ‏@rihanna My new broad came from Paris!! http://instagram.com/p/XP66IpBM-K/

broadsiding (broad-sid-ing): iz when yuh doez tek the flat side of a cutlass and doez knock somebody wid am.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna blueivy, and tiffanyblue. robyn, you are skinny, and i'm not believing it, you prank me all the time.

Rihanna ‏@rihanna I betcha wanna know what I'm all about #alliseeissigns http://instagram.com/p/XQf-RjhM7L/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna #perls robyn, i'm not believing it.

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @rihanna robyn, you already have me fucked up, baby #fuck

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 #repost 😂😂😂 http://instagram.com/p/XN_iYbKyZN/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 are you having fun pissing me off, melissa.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 St.Paul u guys were LOUD!! #watchmedomyharlemshake

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 #twerk :-/ and see what i do to your beautiful little butt. your beautiful little black ass got me in love. pic.twitter.com/FZ2SKXAh4W

Zoe Saldana ‏@zoesaldana NY I love you! There's nothing better than coming back home. Arroz con pollo, el frio de la ciudad y ver a tu familia...Bliss!-ZS

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @zoesaldana hi zoe. i love you too, beautiful.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 Me myself n I #phuckthisrelationshipbullshit

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 melissa, you know what i like is the type of woman who goes out of her way for me. zoe is just curious.

Melissa Forde ‏@mforde11 I miss my munchkinnn #Aidan 😘😘😘😘😘❤☺ #this1picmademehomesicklikeamuthaphucka http://instagram.com/p/XTmNYhKyYo/

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 as loving as you are i'm sure he misses you too, puni

Herman Bumfudle ‏@HermanBumfudle @mforde11 :-/ more baby talk.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Rihanna's illness was so severe that doctors warned it could take months for her to fully recover - there were worries that she'd have to cancel her entire tour.
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